Brad and Darleen Pratt are Realtors serving Metro West areas of Massachusetts for over 20 years. Our real estate office is located in Waltham 02451.

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This is the second time we've worked with Brad and Darleen, and they still do not disappoint!

We are grateful for their responsiveness and knowledge of not only the buying/selling process, but also their experience with spotting good/bad construction, pointing out how updates can be done, etc. We also found it helpful that they have a great working relationship with our mortgage broker and lawyer- makes everything super seamless.

Gina Regonini

Darleen & Brad were wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a team that is extremely responsive through the entire process and moves quickly when things are happening fast.

Having Brad's perspective at open houses on construction matters and Darleen's negotiating skills really assisted us in finding and securing our dream home in no time. We came to Team Pratt with some very distinct ideas of what we wanted near the end of February 2020 and now we are homeowners of a multi-family as of the end of April! Darleen was able to corral all of the key players in our home-buying process and helped us move forward quickly and during a pandemic at that! We highly recommend Darleen & Brad, Team Pratt and look forward to working with them in the future on our next home purchase.

Aslee Anton

Team Pratt provides a great combination of knowledge about the market, useful construction quality advice, helpful offer recommendations to guide you towards landing the house of your dreams in this tight market.

Doing a walk-through of a house with someone that has a construction background changes your perspective on house hunting. Because of Brad's depth of knowledge we chose a home where the inspection basically came up with empty handed as there was nothing that he didn't point out ahead of time. Darlene was instrumental in helping land the perfect offer and working with my financial team for quick turnaround. They are both very professional, kind and certainly knowledgeable in their specialty areas. You're in great hands with this team!

Kelley Gurlie

Darleen and Brad Pratt were a perfect match for my expectations selling an antique home that I was hoping to save from a developer's wrecking ball.

They were patient, responsive, well organized and went way above and beyond to facilitate a difficult sale. I highly recommend them and will actually have them list a second home that I plan to sell in the near future.

Carol Justice

Brad and Darleen were great for first time homebuyers like us.

First of all, they're great people and we spent a LOT of quality time with them in our home search, sticking with us through months of searching in a tough market. In our first consultation, they walked us through the whole home-buying process. From our first home visit onwards, Brad was very knowledgeable and candid about the strengths and flaws of each property, based on his background in contracting and accompanying many home inspections. When it came time to put in offers, Brad and Darleen were super responsive and worked with us night and day to make sure our offers were as competitive as possible. Throughout the process, they also recommended lenders, attorneys, home inspectors, and even contractors after we successfully won an offer. All of their recommendations turned out to be friendly, professional, and responsive. We would definitely work with them again and have recommended them to all our home-buying friends!

Kyle Rawding

Brad and Darlene were amazing to work with.

They went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly. They helped resolve any issues that came up. I’m extremely grateful to them for stepping up and taking care of all the small details and tasks required for the close. They were true partners through the entire process.

Linda Bara

Brad and Darleen were helpful throughout the process.

They were very fast in responding to our queries. Brad came with us to view all properties every weekend (including open houses). A walkthrough of the house with Brad was as good as doing an initial home inspection. He was very knowledgeable and gave us his honest opinion about every home. We are still in touch with them after closing and take their opinion on various things as we are first time homeowners.

Peeral Malani

I have worked with Brad and Darleen through multiple home purchases and it is always a pleasant experience.

I had a very tight buying window for my latest transaction and they were able to get me pre-approval and helped getting the mortgage approval super fast. They are people I can trust and highly recommend them for anyone looking to sell or purchase.

Jason Liveston

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